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When Constantine had power, he moved the capital city to Constantinople.Constantinople lived on a peninsula between the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea.A peninsula is land that is 3/4 surrounded by water.The 1/4 that is not surrounded by water, was a huge wall.The city attracted fishing boats, trading boats, and warships because of their harbors.Because of its location, Constantinople became the wealthiest part in the Roman Empire.It was located on the cross roads of trade routes between Europe and Asia.Constantinople was also very easy to defend.The city was already 3/4 protected by the Black and the Aegean Sea.So all they had to do is put a huge wall on the 1/4 side.Later, they put a huge chain over the harbor for even more protection.

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The Colossuem is one of the 7 wonders of the world.The Colossuem is located in the middle of Rome, and was once a stadium.The Colosuem is almost 2000 years old.If you visit the Colosuem, you can see a section of the arena that was once underground.The Colossuem was where gladiators would fight to the death.

More of Justinian and Theodora

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Justinians's uncle, Justin, provided Justinian with education at a school in Byzantium.Justin then became ruler and adopted him.He made him his chief advisor.Then he made him his co-leader.When Justin died, Justinian became emperor.
Theodora was born in the lower class.Justinian couldn't marry her because it was illegal for a upper class to marry a lower class.But justinian's uncle changed the law so that the two could get married.

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Odes and Satires

A Roman poet named Horace, wrote satires, satires are works that poke fun at human weaknesses.It is like what comedians like to do today.He also wrote odes, odes are poems that talk about strong emotions in life.

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In 73 B.C, when slavery was apart of Roman life, A gladiator named Spartacus, led a slave rebellion.As he and his forces moved through Italy, they had 70,000 people apart of his rebellion.He then planned that the enslaved people can go to Alps so that they can return to their homelands.They were then crushed by the Roman army.Spartacus was killed and 6000 enslaved people were crucified.

More Roman Art

The Romans made vaults, which were rows of arches that were built next to each other.The vaults were a curved ceiling.
The Appian Way was the first major Roman link from Rome to southeastern Italy.


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Odoacer, who was a soldier in the West Roman Empire, overthrew a 14 year old boy, and became emperor.He then became the king of Itlay.

Fun Facts About Roman Theater

Roman theaters were made out of "Roman Concrete".To play multiple rolls, men wore masks.The first Roman theater was made by Pompey The Great.The main purpose for Roman theater was so that "the ruler and future rulers a venue to assemble the public".

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