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The Roman Way Of Life

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Daily Life

 Romans lived in cities through the Roman Empire.Roman cities were centers for culture, business, and government.The rich Romans lived in large houses with marble walls, running water, tiled floors, and built on atriums.These houses were located on the city's hills.The less wealthy Romans worked as shopkeepers or artisans.Most Romans were poor.The poor Romans lived in noisy and dirty wooden apartments 6 or 7 stories tall.The Romans also had an arena called the Circus Maximus.The Circus Maximus can hold 150,000 people.On some days, they had chariot races.They also had gladiators fight each other to the death.

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Roman Family

The Roman family was different from the ones today in America.The Father, kept close attention to the wife's activity, and can sell his children or sentence them to death.The Son, once he turned 15,he burned his toys as offering to the household gods.The Daughter, once she got married, which was around the age of 14, becomes an adult.

What it Was Like For Roman Women

In early Rome, Roman women were not full citizens and had few rights.But, they had a strong influence on their families and advised their husbands in private.The wives of emperors got to exercise more power when Rome was an empire.For example,while her husband (emperor Septimius) was fighting rebels in distant parts of the empire.She was lawfully in charge of political affairs in Rome.The freedoms of a Roman women depended on if her husband was wealthy or position.By the A.D. 100s, wealthy women can own land, run businesses, and sell property.They managed the household while enslaved people did the housework.This left them with freedom to study art and fashion.Or they could go shopping with friends, take baths, or attend the Circus Maximus. 

Art and Science

Galen, a Greek doctor, introduced Rome to anatomy and medical ideas.Anatomy is the study of the body's structure.To learn more about anatomy, he cut open dead animals, then studied the inner organs, and recorded his finding.In the Western world, doctors study Galen's work for more than 1500 more years.

When the Greeks made statues, they made them so they looked perfect, no wrinkles, warts, and beautiful bodies.But, the Romans made their statues were realistic.They included warts, wrinkles, and didn't have beautiful bodies.Roman builders made arches in bridges, aqueducts, and buildings. 

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